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Welcome to My Blog!

by Josh Kaplan, Dec 31, 2015

Welcome and happy New Year! This is my blog. Here I’ll post all sorts of things I find interesting from engineering and computer science to leadership, management, and business development. I am an engineer and a passionate problem solver. Whether those problems are technical, business focused, or something else entirely, I enjoy tackling unique and challenging endeavors.

So first a bit about me. I am an engineer. I completed my undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Central Florida (UCF) in 2014. My coursework focused largely on space systems design (rockets, satellites, orbital mechanics, etc.). Along with that I’ve audited several MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on edX and Coursera, mostly focused on Computer Science (among several other topics). Of those, I most enjoyed HarvardX’s CS50X and MITx’s 6.001x where I was first introduced to computer science.

I love to make new things! As an undergraduate, I held several research positions ranging from environmental remote sensing to autonomous robotics. I now work at Lockheed Martin as a Systems and Software Engineer. I am in my first year of Lockheed’s Engineering Leadership Development Program and I am working on graduate coursework in Systems Engineering and plan to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

I’ll try to post something new on here at least weekly if possible. Sometimes more, sometimes less. If you have any topic requests, email them to

For more on me, check out my website.