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My Collection of Notes

by Josh Kaplan, Jan 08, 2017

Today, I am starting a new section on my site: Notes. This is a collection of my notes from various courses and topics I’ve studied. My goal with this is to create a digital copy of my notes to make it easier to store and access as well as, if people find it useful, to share my knowledge. I have quite that stack of notebooks covering everything from high school physics to graduate level engineering courses, so it will take me quite bit of time to go through it all. I expect this collection will be an ongoing project to digitize all of those notebooks.

I am beginning with physics. One of the topics I’ve most enjoyed and the subject that set on the path toward engineering. My intent is to create a digital copy of my existing paper notes. I more or less follow the format of the notes as they are written down, but I will attempt to supplement them with additional explanation and external resources where I feel it necessary.

If you are reading my notes and find them useful, feel free to send me an email at contact [at]